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Wildland Crown Fire at night Lonepeak Hotshots

My Wildland Fire Gear

Working with the best fire equipment in the world

By Matt Mullins

I hope my example helps others find awesome fire gear proudly made in the USA. Here I’ve listed my favorite equipment that I’ve personally used with links to reliable retailers where you can find them. I’ll make a note if an item isn’t American made.


Matt Mullins Lonepeak Hotshots Firefighting
I know, I look like a macho hardass here but I'm actually one of the kindest dudes you could ever meet.

My Gear List:

Wildland Fire Gear

Wildland Fire Memories

I first started firefighting on a USFS type 6 engine then proceeded to fight fire on a Fire Module, Helitack Crew, and Hotshot Crew – Lonepeak IHC. Below are some of the photos I’ve captured in wildland fire.