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Lake Blanche in Fall, Wasatch

American Made Gear Guide

Here you’ll find recommendations on some of the finest adventure-worthy equipment in the world and all of it is ethically and proudly built in the USA.

Recommendations to find the best American made axes.

The best backpacks made in the USA for hiking, backpacking, climbing/mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and simple everyday use.

​Want the best hiking, backpacking, or work boots made in the USA for Men and Women? Here they are!

Trust your life with the top American made rock climbing gear from harnesses and ropes to cams, quickdraws, shoes, and more.

Your guide to some of the coolest outdoor clothing made in the USA.

Find the top American made fitness equipment.

Find the most reliable, best engineered flashlights available.

Here you’ll find a lineup of the best headlamps made in the USA for camping, backpacking, running, hiking, biking, fishing, and all things in the dark. ​

Explore the top American made hunting gear available including camo, backpacks, bows, rifles, and more.
Leatherman makes the world’s best multi-tools. I’m familiar with Gerber, Sog, and Victorinox multi-tools but none compare to Leatherman tools…

My personal recommendations for the top ten EDC folding knives made in the USA. If you’re looking for men’s gift ideas, this isn’t a bad place to start.

Whether you’re looking for adventure sandals, flip flops for the beach or fashionable sandals for a hot summer night on the town, you’ll find awesome and affordable American made men’s and women’s sandals.

A look at the top athletic shoes built in the USA including running shoes, sneakers, cross-trainers, minimalist shoes, and even slip-ons for days at the beach.

Shreddin’ in the USA: discover the best American made skis.

My search for the best American-made phone cases and screen protectors has ended in success. Here are the results.

Discover the best sleeping bags in the world, which happen to be made in Seattle, WA and San Jose, CA, USA.

Nothing but the lightest, the comfiest, and the most durable camping mattresses available.

My recommendations for the best American made backpacking stoves.

Looking for the top sunglasses made in the USA? You’ve come to the right place.

Find the highest quality survival preparation equipment to take on any emergency.

Looking for the lightest, highest-quality, weatherproof tents available? You should look here.

My picks for the top ultralight backpacking gear. 

Your guide to the best water bottles, reservoirs, and hydration systems you can find.

The top performing water filters for backpacking and international travel.

Only our favorite gear, the top American made equipment that earns our Editor’s Choice and Best Buy Awards.