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Archery Elk American Gear Guide

My American Made Hunting Gear

Outfitting with the best hunting equipment in the world

By Matt Mullins   Last updated: August 15, 2023

I hope my example helps others find awesome hunting gear proudly made in the USA. Here I’ve listed what equipment I personally use with links to reliable retailers where you can find them. About 95% of my gear is made in the USA, I’ll make a note if any gear is imported.


My Packing List:

Backpack Hunting and Camping Gear

Exo Mtn Gear K3 4800 and Bear Paradox HC Bow
Elk, Exo Mtn Gear K3 4800 Backpack, and Bear Paradox HC Bow

Archery Gear

Savage Ultralite 300 WSM
Savage Ultralite .300 WSM

Rifles and Shotguns

Exo Mtn Gear 4800 packing elk meat
Matt Mullins Elk Bowhunting
Bark River Mini Aurora Hunter on Elk
Matt Mullins FORLOH Camo Exo Mtn Gear Backpack
Savage 99 .308 win
Elk Hunt Utah
FORLOH camo near last light in the grass
Elk Rifle Hunting
Rocky Mountain Bull Elk