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American Made Gifts Under $20

By Matt Mullins – updated November 3, 2021

Below you will find gifts proudly built by craftsmen and women in the USA with careful attention to detail. I’ve selected the best performing gear that would bring a smile to any outdoors enthusiast. The following sellers were chosen for their competitive pricing, affordable and often free expedited shipping, and ease of returns.

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Micro Widgy Pry Bar

I, like other do it yourselfers can appreciate a great keychain tool like this little pry bar. With this in the pocket you no longer need to worry about breaking your sharp pocket knife tip to pry at what needs prying. I find the 3″ Widgy to be just the right size for pocket carry.
Last observed price: $14 – 17


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Magpul Cases for iPhones & Samsung Galaxy Phones

I’ve found truly great iPhone and Galaxy cases made in the USA. I trust my own phone with a Magpul Case coupled with an ArmorSuit Screen Protector. Magpul cases are comfortably thin to slip into your pocket, textured for a better grip, and offer good shock protection from falls; I’ve accidentally dropped mine repeatedly (luckily not on the screen). Cutouts for the buttons, mic, charging cable, and camera are precise and don’t distort sounds like many Otterbox and LifeProof cases tend to do. Magpul iPhone and Galaxy Cases are very affordable and come in a variety of colors to satisfy the manly and the girly…
Last observed price range: $12 – 20


iPhone Cases by Magpul
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Samsung Galaxy Cases by Magpul
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ArmorSuit Screen Protectors

ArmorSuit makes excellent screen protectors for smartphones and tablets including iPhones, Galaxy S-everythings, iPads, Nintendo Switch, LG phones, Pixel, Fit Bits, etc. ArmorSuit isn’t made of rigid tempered glass but a military grade film that “self heals” minor scratches and conforms to curves like those of the Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5. The application process results in a completely clear, bubble free application, unlike many other protectors I’ve tried. I haven’t had any problems with mine after nearly a year; however, if I do ArmorSuit provides a lifetime warranty.
Last observed price range: $8 – 11

See All ArmorSuit Screen Protectors
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Recycled Sail Cloth Minimalist Wallet by Flowfold

Say goodbye to the bulky wallet with this cool minimalist wallet made with recycled sail cloth. This material makes for an incredibly durable yet lightweight wallet.
Last observed price: ~ $18


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PocketMonkey Wallet Multitool

I’ve found my PocketMonkey surprisingly useful. It’s airport safe, about the size of a credit card, and always at hand resting in my wallet. Why not have a little screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, package/letter opener, phone stand, earphone keeper in your pocket for 13 bucks?… A terrific gift and stocking stuffer.
Last observed price: ~ $13


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Zippo Made in USA Lighter

Zippo windproof lighters are an American icon that make a great gift. They look just as classy today as they did when they were invented in 1932. You can find Zippos in a vast array of colors and themes to create a special match for anyone’s style or interest (like sports teams).
Last observed price: ~ $17 – 20


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Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottles

Liberty Bottleworks bottles are the only metal water bottles made in the USA. They’re durable, BPA free, tasteless, and have a smooth wine bottle like pour spout. Liberty bottles come in a variety of creative designs.
Last observed price range: $16 – 28

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Rite in the Rain Notebooks

These Rite in the Rain Notebooks fit in your pocket and are great to have in questionable weather. It’s hard to go wrong with waterpoof, high quality notepads. This is what I was issued working for the Forest Service and I still use them.
Last observed price: ~ $12 (3 pack)

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All Weather Pen

The Fisher pen (manufacturer for Rite in the Rain) writes in practically any condition including underwater, upside down, and in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F. I take one into the field and keep one in the truck for freezing temps.
Last observed price: ~ $18


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Raw Brass Bullet Pen by Fisher

Similar to the all weather pen described above, the Brass Bullet Pen shares the same write anywhere attributes but comes in a refined brass construction. I find the patina (oxidation) that forms on the brass to be very attractive.
Last observed price: ~ $25


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​​Princeton Tec Bot Headlamp

The kid friendly bot is a fun lil’ headlamp in Princeton Tec’s family series. The Bot has an intuitive single button and a secure battery compartment so kids can’t get into the toxic cells. Its 15 lumens provides enough light for the kiddos to see but isn’t so powerful as to blind you every time they look at you.
Last observed price range: ~ $16 – 20


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Vapur Element Bottle

Vapur bottles are collapsible, leak-proof water bottles with a one handed flip top. The carabiner can attach the bottle to your backpack and also store the rolled up bottle as shown below. Of course they’re also BPA free.
Last observed price range: $10 – 14


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Brunton TruArc 3 Compass

Thus is a reliable, no frills, light-weight compass. If you’re going ultralight and want a compass for emergencies, then take a look at the 1.1 oz Brunton TruArc 3 Compass which includes a global needle and tool-free declination adjustment. 
Last price range observed: ~ $24

Farm to Feet Socks

Farm to Feet socks are some of my favorite socks. Their men’s and women’s socks are very comfortable, have seamless toe boxes, awesome designs, and great worksmanship. Farm to Feet ethically source their wool and production in the USA and prominently feature their employees in their marketing.
Last observed price range: $13 – 25


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Polar Insulated Water Bottle

A great BPA-free insulated water bottle. I use one for mtn. and road biking. It doesn’t keep things cold for a really long time but if you’re just out for a couple hours long ride then it probably won’t matter… and it’s far superior to no insulation.
Last price range observed: ~ $15 (depending on model)


Click for Current Pricing from Amazon

Buck Paklite 141 Knife

A solid, comfortable, light (4.1 oz), sharp design and an incredible value. Buck has mastered the heat treatment of their 420HC stainless steel, thus producing great knives made in the USA for unbelievable prices.
Last observed price: ~ $23


Click for Current Pricing from BladeHQ

DMT Mini-Sharp Diamond Sharpener

An ultralight diamond sharpener to keep your blades shaving sharp in the field. I personally like the Fine version best to touch up blades, keeping them sharp without taking too much metal.
Last observed price range: ~ $9 – 13


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Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Do you or does someone you know like to fix things? This sewing awl allows you to stitch those tough materials like leather and canvas. Personally, I love being able to fix my own shoes, boots, saddles, sails, etc.
Last observed price: ~ $20


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Nabob Leather Money Pouch

A handy leather pouch that can be used not only for coins and cash but also your keys, headphones, USB and SD drives, etc. Of course it’s very useful for holding the inevitable coins you amass while traveling.
Last observed price: ~ $8


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