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Buckskin Gulch, Arizona - American Gear Guide

How to Contribute User Reports for American Made Gear!

This new User Reports section invites everyone to contribute American made gear reviews for the world to see.

My purpose with American Gear Guide has been to inspire people to enjoy, care for, and conserve the beautiful land we have while building support for our incredible American craftsmen and women. Ethical  manufacturing in the USA avoids exploiting weak labor/human rights, and environmental standards in developing countries that enrich corporate executives and shareholders without sharing wealth with a strong American middle class.

This is bigger than me. I want us to build a friendly community of support for American manufacturers. If you have some great American made gear that you love, then you should post a review here and share your experiences with the world. There are so many great American manufacturers to appreciate! I do not have the financial resources nor hours to do it justice, but with community support we can help shine the spotlight on these great manufacturers who deserve it. Here you can see your positive contribution for all to enjoy.


To post a review simply fill out the fields below. Please include at least 1 image and properly review and edit your post for spelling and grammar. Of course only ethical content will be posted. Thank you!